Martial Arts

Martial Arts General

The word of Martial Arts was usually used to refer to the fighting arts of East Asia (Asian Martial Arts) up until the 1970s. Some authors have argued that fighting arts or fighting systems would be more appropriate terms on the basis that many martial arts were never “martial” in the sense of being used or created by professional warriors.

Martial Arts Health and Fitness Benefits

Martial arts training aims to result in several benefits to trainees, such as their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Through systematic practice in the martial arts, a person’s physical fitness may be boosted (strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, movement coordination, etc.) as the whole body is exercised and the entire muscular system is activated. Beyond contributing to physical fitness, martial arts training also has benefits for mental health, contributing to self-esteem, self-control, emotional and spiritual well-being. For this reason, several martial arts schools have focused purely on therapeutic aspects, de-emphasizing the historical aspect of self-defense or combat completely.

Martial Arts as Sport

Martial arts have crossed over into sports when forms of sparring become competitive, becoming a sport that is dissociated from the original combative origin, such as with western fencing. The Summer Olympic Games includes judo, Martial arts, western archery, boxing, javelin, wrestling and fencing as events. Some schools believe that competition breeds better and more efficient practitioners and gives a sense of good sportsmanship. Others believe that the rules under which competition takes place have diminished the combat effectiveness of martial arts or encourage a kind of practice which focuses on winning trophies rather than a focus such as cultivating a particular moral character.


9th Degree Black Belt

Grandmaster Chang Jin Kang has remained steadfast in his efforts to expand, and strengthen Martial Arts both locally and worldwide. Ildo Martial Arts has become a fixture for over 42 years in the city of Irvine — teaching thousands of students the techniques and life lessons that Martial Arts imparts.
However, for Grandmaster Kang this simply was not enough. He has created the first ever bachelor’s degree program in Martial arts which at Concordia University parallels those programs only available at top universities in Korea. Concordia University is now the first institution to offer a bachelor’s degree course in Martial arts outside of Korea. Not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

MASTER DANIEL KANG at the Heritage Plaza Branch

7th Degree Black Belt

Kukkiwon Certified

Master Daniel Kang has dedicated his life to the learning and teaching of Martial Arts. For nearly three decades he has been entrenched in the world of martial arts. The son of Grandmaster Chang Jin Kang, Daniel inherited the legacy of his father and the desire to shape the lives around him through teaching. Master Kang holds the rank of seventh degree black belt and has evolved into a dynamic competitor, compassionate teacher, and a shining example of the next generation of Martial arts.

MASTER Lois Shim at the Woodbury Town Center Branch

5th Degree Black Belt

Kukkiwon Certified

Ms. Lois Shim graduated from the University of California at Irvine in 1998. She worked as a manager of Human Resources for UBS in New York City from 2000-2002. Ms. Shim then continued her experience as Human Resources manager for GMAC here in Orange County, CA. As the daughter of Grandmaster Kang and sister of Master Daniel, Ms. Shim has always made Martial arts a significant part of her life. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her corporate experiences to Il-Do Martial arts and continues to endear herself to both students and parents through teaching. Ms. Lois holds the rank of fifth degree black belt.

Ildo Martial Arts Programs

Family Martial Arts

Family martial arts classes
Martial Arts is a great Family Activity!
Training side by side with your children is a truly special experience. You will share a common activity and cheer each other on as you move through the different belt ranks and meet dozens of other friendly families. Martial Arts emphasizes courtesy, respect, and appreciation for others.

Get a workout while spending time together
The energy in this class is tremendous and a great way to combine workout time with family time, so that everyone can have fun while staying healthy.

Kid’s Martial Arts

Preschool martial arts program
Our Cubs Program will help your 3 or 4 years old to grow up healthy,
happy, and self confident

It’s a Fun introduction to Fitness
Each 30 minute session includes exercises to develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Your child will run, jump, kick, and have a great time while improving their athleticism. It’s a perfect way to develop healthy habits and a positive attitude towards physical activity. And for children who are constantly in motion. Martial Arts is a great outlet to burn off excess energy!

Learn The Importance of Respect and Self Control
Treating others with respect is one of the core principles of the martial arts. During training students learn to be courteous and kind to others. They also learn the importance of taking turns, cooperating with a partner, and following instructions. This will prepare them for greater success at school and other team sports.

Eye, Mind, and Body Focus
Cubs will learn these focuses during each class. These 3 focuses will help your child with school and other activities.

A HUGE Confidence Boost because Believing In Yourself Starts Early!
Our philosophy is to help students to develop their self confidence through encouragement, praise, and motivating them to attempt new activities. You will watch your child’s self confidence soar as they gain new skills and are rewarded with new belt ranks. This is a great way for them to learn how exciting it is to set and achieve new goals.

Teen’s Martial Arts

Tigers martial arts classes
Learning Martial Arts will provide your child with skills to succeed in
every area of their life!

Confident Kids are Happy Kids!
As your child starts learning martial arts, something amazing happens. As their skills improve, they realize that they were capable of more than they thought, and this boosts both their self image and self esteem. Martial Arts students take great pride in their accomplishments, and become confident about their ability to face any challenge

The Solution to Bully Problems is here
Bullies often seek out kids whose posture, voice tone, and self confidence levels make them an easy target. Through Martial arts training, your child will learn to carry themselves assertively, speak up for themselves and resist intimidation and peer pressure.

Increased Focus = Better Grades!
Parents and teachers notice the positive effect learning Martial arts has on a student’s success in school. As they gain self discipline, your child will become more efficient at homework. Martial arts students learn to block out distractions and stay on task. They also gain a longer attention span that will help them to learn any topic.

The road to Black Belt builds Character and Perseverance
Martial arts is taught and learned in an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. And, while learning Martial arts is fun, exciting, and rewarding, it isn’t always easy. Your child will learn to gradually increase their effort and determination in order to master more advanced techniques and earn higher belt ranks. This is an invaluable life lesson that will teach your child the perseverance it takes to achieve their goals in every area of life.

Adult Martial Arts

Adult martial arts classes
Fitness and Self Defense training

An alternative to repetitive Boring exercise
Would you like to look forward to working out? Now you can. Our adult classes are taught by high energy instructors who will inspire you to give your best. No two classes are alike, and at each session you will learn new techniques and refine your skills. It’s a process of constant learning that will motivate you to train consistently. The atmosphere is friendly, and your classmates will be both welcoming and encouraging. You’re going to love being part of our ILDO family!

A stronger, faster, more capable body
Martial Arts training develops your whole body. You will increase your flexibility and leg strength as you learn powerful kicks. You will gain muscle tone in your upper body from the repetition of punches and strikes. Every class includes stretching, cardio, strength, and endurance. You get the benefit of multiple exercise programs all in one workout!

Be prepared to protect yourself and those you love
Learning self defense will give you confidence and peace of mind. You will learn practical methods to escape from a variety of grabs and holds. You will increase your speed, reflexes and timing from partner drills that will condition you to react quickly and instinctively in a dangerous situation.

Take control of your thoughts and your stress level
The world is faster paced than ever before. You are bombarded with information and requests 24/7 wherever you are. Learn how to slow down, from the stress and demands of your everyday life. You will love how it feels to work out without distraction. And trust us, nothing is more relaxing and stress relieving than letting out your frustration by kicking, punching and hitting targets.

My daughter has been going there for almost 2 years. She absolutely loves it. Everyone there are so nice and very patient with the kids. They use very motivating and exciting ways to teach. My daughter is very shy naturally, Taekwondo is really helping her to be more confident.
– Victoria G.